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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Marketing Words of Wisdom

Lars Perner has an excellent list of words of wisdom. Here is a sample-

Even if it ain't broke, preventive maintenance may still be cost-effective.

Market share, unlike body weight, is very difficult to gain and very easy to lose.

Being normal (of necessity) is not a badge of distinction.

A conscience, though an invaluable asset, can be a very expensive thing to have.

Consumers frequently make very reasonable evaluations of the relative merits of apples and oranges--how else could they choose between the two?

Verbosity is my business.

Facts without context are rarely meaningful.

Where there is no gain without pain, one should attempt to maximize the gain-to-pain ratio.

Segmentation is the cornerstone of marketing.

It is better to learn by adaptation than by imitation.

Though almost invariably less sweet, reviewers do resemble a box of chocolates in the sense that you never know what you are going to get.

No amount of reasoning is going to provide a definitive answer to an empirical question.

Assumptions kill.

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One of my favorites

One of my favorites