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Monday, February 07, 2005

Excerpts from Henry Mintzberg's talk.

I attended a talk by Henry Mintzberg yesterday. Well, it was more of a discussion.

Here are some snippets.

You cannot create a leader in the classroom.

Shareholder value comes from ignoring shareholder value.

The big picture is painted with a lot of little brush strokes. [if you are a manager who is not detail-oriented, you are disconnected]

Strategy grows like weeds in the garden and not tomatoes in a hot-house. [ideas come from everywhere]

Synthesis does not come from analysis. [and we teach our MBA students to do way too much analysis]

Managers have to be smart and thoughtful.

Two schools of success- Peterian (inspired by Tom Peters- do things well) and Porterian (inspired by Michael Porter- strategic positioning).

Leaders are created before the age 10.

Leaders are formed at the time of crisis and when challenges present themselves.

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One of my favorites

One of my favorites